Vince Johnson Consulting’s LMCT Services

Vince Johnson Consulting's Services

What Does It Cost To Have Vince Assist Me?

Depending on the level and type of assistance that you require, Vince’s fees are very reasonable and are designed to provide you with the best value possible. Ultimately, the quicker you receive your approval, the less you have spend on rent and operating expenses while you wait for things to happen. Your risk of penalties and non compliance is also minimised.

What Services Does Vince Johnson Offer?

Vince offers a full range of services for people applying for an LMCT licence as well as ongoing support for existing Licenced Motor Car Traders. These include:

  • Full LMCT Licence Application Submission
  • Information gathering and preparation
  • Business Plan Preparation
  • Interview / Test Preparation
  • Local Government Liaison
  • Support for existing Motor Car Traders
    • Change of location
    • Change of status (eg Sole Trader to Company)
    • Business Changes – New partners / Directors / Associates
How Does Vince Johnson Make The Process Easier?

Because of Vince’s experience and intimate knowledge of the LMCT application process, he’ll make sure that the application is full of all the information and detail required and fully prepared to the required level. Once the application is lodged, Vince will regularly follow up and ensure that things keep moving. This results in a much smoother process and a quicker approval.

How Long Does The Process Take With Vince’s Help?

As you would understand, Vince has no direct control of the process within the department, however with his experience, knowledge and professional approach he regularly sees LMCT licence applications approved much faster, often in around 2-4 weeks.

I’ve Been Unsuccessful, Can Vince Help Me?

LMCT Licence applications may be refused or deferred  for a wide variety of reasons and depending on your reason for being unsuccessful, Vince may be able to help.

The most common reason for people being refused or deferred is due to lack of information and documentation. In this case, Vince can definitely help.