What You Should Know About LMCT Licences

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Who Needs An LMCT Licence?

What’s considered to be a motor car?

The Road Safety Act 1986 contains the definition of what a motor car is, but put simply, it is any vehicle that is propelled by a motor and intended to be used on our roads. It does not matter if it is in a working condition or not. The Motor Car Traders Act 1986 refers to cars as “complete or incomplete”.

Who needs an LMCT Licence in Victoria?

Anyone of buys, sells or exchanges more than four motor cars in a 12 month period is defined as a motor car trader in Victoria.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For An LMCT Licence?

You must be over 18 and be able to prove that you are a fit and proper person and also have the business / financial ability to conduct business. The Consumer Affairs website has a comprehensive guide to eligibility – Consumer Affairs Victoria

Do Auto Wreckers and Recyclers Need An LMCT Licence?

Motor Car Auto Wreckers and Motor Car Recyclers (Car Pick Up Businesses) need to be licensed motor car traders in Victoria if they buy,sell or exchange more than 4 cars to metal recyclers, whether or not the car is in working order or registered.

What Happens If I’m Not LMCT Licenced?

Not complying with your legal obligations as a motor car trader may result in a number of fines and penalties as well as a negative impact on your ability to operate as a motor car trader in future.


The LMCT Application Process

What Information Do I need To Provide?

As part of the application, you’ll need to provide a wide range of personal and business related details that include information about your background and your personal and business associations. You’ll need to provide a thorough business plan and prove that you have the financial acumen and capabilities to operate as a motor car trader. You’ll also need to prove that you have a suitable location with all relevant permits to operate your business from.

There’s also a number of other more detailed aspects that need to be provided. You can find more detail here.

Can I Do My Own LMCT Application?

Of course you can, but you might find the application process quite arduous and somewhat confusing. You might also find that the time required to complete the application process could be better spent on building your business. Vince Johnson will make it quick and painless for you.

How Long Does An LMCT Licence Application Take?

The Business Licensing Authority application states that the application process takes around 6-8 weeks to be completed. In our experience this is usually more like 10-14 weeks with the possibility being for even longer in many cases.

What Does It Cost To Apply For An LMCT Licence?

The standard Victorian government fee to apply for an LMCT licence is $799. This is paid at the time of application and is not refunded if you are unsuccessful. Once approved, the first year’s licence cost of $1428.80 is paid.

A full list of fees can be found here.

Is There A Test?

LMCT licence applicants are interviewed by a Licensing Officer. During this interview you will be asked a number of questions to assess your knowledge and understanding of your requirements and obligations as a Licenced Motor Car Trader. Vince will make sure that you are prepared for this interview, know what to expect and have the required knowledge to be successful.

Do I Need To Have A Signed Lease?

Yes, as part of the application process, you must have a signed lease in place prior to your application. You’ll probably be paying rent whilst you wait for your application to be approved. Vince has a proven history of getting things processed quickly, reducing this wasted rental costs and loss of potential revenue.


Vince Johnson Consulting's Services

What Does It Cost To Have Vince Assist Me?

Depending on the level and type of assistance that you require, Vince’s fees are very reasonable and are designed to provide you with the best value possible. Ultimately, the quicker you receive your approval, the less you have spend on rent and operating expenses while you wait for things to happen. Your risk of penalties and non compliance is also minimised.

What Services Does Vince Johnson Offer?

Vince offers a full range of services for people applying for an LMCT licence as well as ongoing support for existing Licenced Motor Car Traders. These include:

  • Full LMCT Licence Application Submission
  • Information gathering and preparation
  • Business Plan Preparation
  • Interview / Test Preparation
  • Local Government Liaison
  • Support for existing Motor Car Traders
    • Change of location
    • Change of status (eg Sole Trader to Company)
    • Business Changes – New partners / Directors / Associates
How Does Vince Johnson Make The Process Easier?

Because of Vince’s experience and intimate knowledge of the LMCT application process, he’ll make sure that the application is full of all the information and detail required and fully prepared to the required level. Once the application is lodged, Vince will regularly follow up and ensure that things keep moving. This results in a much smoother process and a quicker approval.

How Long Does The Process Take With Vince’s Help?

As you would understand, Vince has no direct control of the process within the department, however with his experience, knowledge and professional approach he regularly sees LMCT licence applications approved much faster, often in around 2-4 weeks.

I’ve Been Unsuccessful, Can Vince Help Me?

LMCT Licence applications may be refused or deferred  for a wide variety of reasons and depending on your reason for being unsuccessful, Vince may be able to help.

The most common reason for people being refused or deferred is due to lack of information and documentation. In this case, Vince can definitely help.