Who Needs An LMCT Licence?

Who Needs An LMCT Licence?

What’s considered to be a motor car?

The Road Safety Act 1986 contains the definition of what a motor car is, but put simply, it is any vehicle that is propelled by a motor and intended to be used on our roads. It does not matter if it is in a working condition or not. The Motor Car Traders Act 1986 refers to cars as “complete or incomplete”.

Who needs an LMCT Licence in Victoria?

Anyone of buys, sells or exchanges more than four motor cars in a 12 month period is defined as a motor car trader in Victoria.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For An LMCT Licence?

You must be over 18 and be able to prove that you are a fit and proper person and also have the business / financial ability to conduct business. The Consumer Affairs website has a comprehensive guide to eligibility – Consumer Affairs Victoria

Do Auto Wreckers and Recyclers Need An LMCT Licence?

Motor Car Auto Wreckers and Motor Car Recyclers (Car Pick Up Businesses) need to be licensed motor car traders in Victoria if they buy,sell or exchange more than 4 cars to metal recyclers, whether or not the car is in working order or registered.

What Happens If I’m Not LMCT Licenced?

Not complying with your legal obligations as a motor car trader may result in a number of fines and penalties as well as a negative impact on your ability to operate as a motor car trader in future.